First 100 Days in 1 Pledges

Most candidates running for office pledge to only do so much within their first 100 days while in office. Nickolas Wildstar plans to take this statement further by taking those pledged actions for the first 100 days on day 1.

Here is a list of some of those expectations WeThePeople of California can look forward to starting on the first day from Governor Wildstar.

  1. Uphold my constitutional oath and make sure every sworn public official does also
  2. Reduce Governor’s and state employee’s salary to $60K
  3. Refuse to receive pension and suspend pension benefits for all new state employees
  4. Disband state pension program
  5. Audit states finances for previous 5 years publicly in real time
  6. End civil asset forfeiture
  7. End qualified immunity and judicial immunity
  8. End police bill of rights
  9. Mandate decertification of police officers with bad records
  10. Sign into law the ‘Clark Family Act’ to increase law enforcement accountability statewide
  11. End mandatory sentences
  12. Nullify Prop 64 and decriminalize private substance use
  13. Sign in to law the ‘Restoration Act’
  14. Decriminalize sex work
  15. End occupational license and business license mandates
  16. Nullify the Mulford Act and all unconstitutional gun and ammo laws
  17. Nullify SB 276 & 277 Mandatory vaccination laws and ban any future similar ones
  18. Nullify California Utility User Tax (UUT) and Communication User Tax (CUT)
  19. Nullify Prop 14 (Top 2 Primary) and permit random public forensic audits of elections
  20. Implement blockchain and ranked choice voting per a revised SB212
  21. Transition to localized school choice so parents can choose to teach their children Common Core, STEM, CRT, 1619 Project, Patriot Education or any other curriculum that they decide
  22. Cancel entire amount of Navient and Great Lakes student loan debt for California residents 
  23. Ban gender verification checks or and ban any future law creation
  24. Allow independent land clearing of all public forests
  25. Nullify CA Health & Safety Code 103625 & 103650 which mandates birth certificates
  26. Dissolve California Attractions & Parks Association
  27. Disband EDD, DMV, CalFire, CalPers, CalStrs, CalTrans, CalDGS, CARB, Bureau of Cannabis Control and other wasteful government agencies
  28. Eliminate ‘John Deere Law’ and restore right to repair for farmworkers and others
  29. Decriminalize gambling
  30. Ban FGM (female genital mutilation practices)
  31. Ban conversion therapy, electroconvulsive therapy, and all inhumane ‘therapy’ treatments
  32. Nullify SB793 (Flavored Tobacco Ban)
  33. Eliminate cash bail system and pre-trial detention for nonviolent offenses
  34. Nullify SB145 (loosens mandatory sex offender registration for pedophiles)
  35. Make jury duty voluntary and mandate all jurors be informed of jury nullification
  36. Sign into law the American Anti-Corruption Act
  37. Overturn Executive Order N-79-20 requiring by 2035 only zero emission vehicles are sold
  38. Combat droughts by storing water for future use from various sources such as Temperance Flats Dam, Sierra Nevada Watershed, etc.
  39. Provide ‘open door to public’ meetings at the State Capitol Building in Sacramento once a month and hold 1 town hall meeting in each county per month
  40. Request for acting Attorney General to issue arrest warrants for Gavin Newsom