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We The People of California are having our liberty attacked by the state government that is under the control of Gavin Newsom! We are no longer at liberty to work for ourselves, operate a business, send our kids to the schools we choose, or even speak our minds freely. We’re no longer united by the principles that our great nation was founded on and are seeing the divide between us grow more each and every day. Freedom is now a privilege granted to us by people we employ with our tax dollars. This is why we must say no to tyranny, take a stand against oppression together, and Bring Back Liberty!

About Me

My name is Nickolas Wildstar, and I’d like to tell you a bit about myself. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At the ripe age of 17, I moved to California where I have lived, and has been my home for over 20 years. Until recently I lived in Orange County, where I worked as a digital marketing specialist. My wife Crystal and I moved to Fresno to settle down and raise our family away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. I have also been a professional recording artist and a candidate for city council, mayor, and governor. In 2018, I ran for Governor for many of the same reasons I’m asking you to give me your vote in 2022 and that’s to make our wonderful state a better place for us to raise our families and make a living.

I want my son, Chancellor, to grow up in a place where he feels safe, where he can find work and housing, and where he can raise his own family when the time comes. I don’t want him having to choose between making a successful life for himself and living in the same place he grew up. That’s what drives me to create the change that we need to make our neighborhoods safer, prosperous, and more inviting. If you trust me with your vote to be California’s next Governor, I will do everything within my power to tackle the issues facing the state; such as homelessness, high crime rates, tax burdens, lack of housing, and poor business conditions. If you want to help make California a better place and see a change in your community, please join me to Bring Back Liberty and vote Wildstar for Governor in 2022!

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Economic Revitalization

Both local and state policies have been making it harder for businesses of all sorts to be successful in California and our neighborhoods are starting to see signs of economic blight. Everyone from the mom and pop stores and restaurants in your neighborhood to corporations that are major employers are feeling the heat from these regulations and taxes.
This means fewer jobs for the people of California, and more commuting as people are forced to leave their communities to find work in other cities. I want to help us reverse that trend by helping California’s cities grow economically and to bring people and jobs back home to California so that we can enrich our communities and give the hard-working people a chance to spend more time with their friends and family instead of being stuck in traffic.


Even in a somewhat robust economy, we are seeing more businesses leave California and those who are poor in our communities keep getting poorer as their employers take their jobs out of state and have costs of goods and services that they need continue to rise to the point where they become unaffordable.


As Governor of California I would work towards eliminating business licensing fees, the need for occupational licenses, and alleviate tax burdens to create more jobs to bring businesses back. This would help everyone from mom and pop businesses to corporations that employ 100+ plus people.

Join Team Wildstar today to bring back jobs and prosperity to California!

Criminal Justice Reform

I want to ensure that the people of California have the best criminal justice system by having highly trained officers, a compassionate police force that spends more time building strong relationships in the community, experienced mental health response teams so officers can focus on catching real criminals, and shifting our officers focus away from policing for ​profit and towards peacekeeping. We also need to overhaul the judicial system so there is more accountability at all levels, eliminate bad laws, end the police bill of rights, require law enforcement officers to carry insurance, and implement community policing groups to keep neighborhoods safe when officers are not around. It used to be in times gone by, that our public servants were not ‘law enforcers’ but ​peacekeepers. The police force has become more militarized over the past fifty years, so I want to restore their true identity as peacekeepers in our communities. I believe restoring the honor of this much-appreciated role and introducing an accountability framework will help mend strained relations with the communities in which they serve.


A lack of proper training and priorities, as well as the lack of accountability has led to a breakdown in relations between the public and our public servants.


Better training for officers, an end to policing for profit, and a cessation of enforcing victimless crimes at the expense of those with real victims in California. Creation of community policing organizations and a non-police affiliated unit that is designated to respond to mental health emergencies or help for people in crisis that are homeless in our community is needed. Bettering accountability by requiring insurance, reforming the judiciary, and ending the police bill of rights will also be done quickly as soon as I take office.

Join Team Wildstar today to bring back peaceful public servants that will repair our communities!


One of the biggest issues facing California is our homelessness problem. With rent control being passed statewide and the closing of low-end hotels in the city, working class people are being phased out of their homes and thrown onto the streets en masse as the supply of housing decreases. In particular, families and veterans are facing these housing crises. Those with mental health issues are also in dangerous situations where they cannot get the help that they need. As your Governor, I would like to use currently undeveloped government land to create communities where we can efficiently install affordable and suitable 3D printed tiny homes to be able to give people that are homeless a roof over their heads without a burdensome cost to taxpayers so that they can begin taking steps to improve their lives. I would also suspend any state level restrictions that exist on individuals, churches, and other organizations to house, feed, and otherwise aid those in need. We, The People, have the ability, and we have the resources to help each other. It is time to prove that we also have the compassion and the common sense to take steps that will actually solve this problem ourselves without government involvement.


Homelessness populations in California have been rising steadily, and so far government attempts to solve the issue have had little effect, if any. This results in more disadvantaged people in the state, without even a roof over their heads and taxpayer money being wasted.


Build tiny houses to shelter those in need and help clean up our communities. Individuals and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) will receive assistance to operate efficiently to help address the homelessness problem faced by the people of California. A designated mental health response team will also be created to aid those having a mental health crisis, and substance abuse assistance programs will also be increased.

Join Team Wildstar today to bring back reduced homelessness and help the needy in California!

Community Violence

California is ranked in the top 20 of states with the highest crime rates in the nation, both for property crime and violence. The problems facing our state need to be dealt with so that we can regain peaceful neighborhoods for our children to grow up in and where we can feel safe at home again. Part of the problem in our community is gang violence, and the present way of handling this isn’t working. Picking up supposed gang members and arresting them for firearm possession alone isn’t cleaning up our streets. We need to promote gun safety, teach people how to properly use their firearms, encourage them to register their guns, and remind them that while all people have a constitutional right to own and carry firearms, that personal responsibility is part of exercising that freedom. Solutions like these can help build relationships in the community, protect Constitutional rights for everyone living in the state, reduce harm to an individual’s ability to find jobs due to possession charges, and quell violence while promoting safety.


Escalating violence in our communities.


Promote safety through education and relationship building, while not taking half measures that only infringe on the Constitutional rights of others and staining their records in a way that could keep them from finding gainful employment later.

Join Team Wildstar today to bring back safety to our communities!

The Phoenix Initiative

Not just our state, but our country has been brought to its knees by COVID-19. Our once-booming economy has been brought to a standstill by the shutdowns. Unemployment has risen dramatically. We have seen an enormous transfer of wealth to government-allied mega-corporations as their small business competitors are forced to shut down; in many cases permanently. No more! It is time for new leadership that can reverse the trends of a failed administration and make California, like the phoenix, rise from the ashes and bring new life. This will involve making the state go back to normal. Businesses, beaches, restaurants and bars, schools, etc. will all be allowed to reopen. Unconstitutional executive orders from the previous administration will immediately be ended and all enforcement will be stopped while a full investigation is launched into the actions of the people previously in charge. I will nullify and order the agencies of the Executive branch to immediately stop enforcing AB-5 which has directly attacked millions of our independent contractors in California to spur job creation and help undo the damage that the government’s response to COVID-19 has caused We The People. I will also suspend taxes and licensing fees to help revitalize our economy and bring businesses back where they belong- HOME.


Unprecedented economic harm.


Open the state back up completely, quickly, and responsibly. Rollback unconstitutional shutdown orders and investigate abuses of power. Nullify AB-5 and suspend taxes and licensing fees to bring back jobs to California.

Join Team Wildstar today to bring back a future California that we can all enjoy!

The Gold New Deal

One of the things on my heart is to ensure the best path forward to strengthen California, and I would like to share a bit of my vision with you. I would like to turn California into an independent state that leads the way forward. By cutting back funding for inefficient programs and needless government expenditures, I believe that we can save money and still invest in things that will be a major benefit to California moving forward. I believe that put on the right course we can lead the way in technology, innovation, and beautification.


Our roads need to be fixed, and fixed efficiently. We cannot afford for projects to languish on forever or for work to be done without proper care and quality. I want to ensure that we invest in our infrastructure and also ensure that taxpayers get the best deal possible while still getting the best quality products like high-speed rails, hyperloops, and other highly advanced technology for public transportation. Additionally, I want to ensure high quality and affordable public transit by expanding bike lanes and sidewalks and removing the barriers for more community bike and scooter programs to be developed.


I would also like for California to explore energy independence and more competition in our energy sector. It has become more apparent to voters that PG&E and SoCal Edison is unreliable, irresponsible, and increasingly expensive. They are also not subject to accountability due to corporatism in play in California, with the government doing nothing to protect consumers. To that end, I would like to form a publicly owned utility service, with a focus on utilizing renewable sources of energy. This could help our state gain independence away from the corruption and problems of PG&E and SoCal Edison, and help us pursue both a cheaper and a greener energy system for California where residents have access to free energy.


Establishment of a public bank of California is also part of my plan for independence. Federal banking regulations and mismanagement create significant hurdles for individuals and businesses. I want to help put a stop to that by leading the way in banking. The proposed Bank of California would accept any and all currencies, including precious metals and cryptocurrencies, and a newly state issued currency to ensure that the consumers and our community are always getting the service they deserve. This would also help us overcome problems that legal business owners in the cannabis industry have had with federal banking laws keeping their money in the dark, which increases risk and violence in our communities. Individuals and small business owners seeking lending will be able to obtain interest free loans without any hassle. This will help people of the community and businesses by giving them more freedom and options to help make our state safer in the process and give every person in California an opportunity to build equity.


Another issue that is important to me is revitalizing our parks and creating public gardens. Our parks are important and are essential to society. They give our families places to play, attend community events, and spend time with each other as well as meet their neighbors. They need to be receiving the attention that our people deserve so that they can continue to be enjoyed; and by cost reductions in other areas, we can do just that without having to raise taxes on the people of California. Finally, I want to implement community garden programs. This can help provide free food for local neighborhoods as well as teach our children and community members in the inner city about the importance of the agriculture here in California.

Join Team Wildstar today to bring back a gold standard of governance to California!

Yes! I want to help Wildstar Win!



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